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Just made breakfast potatoes.

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I’ve been eating a lot of tofu recently…

… and pan fried is my favorite way. I took a frozen block and put it into a hot pan with sesame oil, salt. And pepper. When browned I flipped and repeated. Its crunchy, spongy, and delicious! Eating it with an Asian chili sauce.

Breakfast. Im in a ramen phase.

I have between $1 & $2 into this between the noodle pack, kale, seaweed, chili garlic sauce, and sour bamboo. Pretty good! Oh, and some fresh lime. And I never use those oil packets… gross.

Lentil soup with baked potato. So good!

Alisha A. Pearson

Home made quinoa salad

Quinoa, jicama, granny smith apple, cilantro, and tofu (crumbled and marinated in a miso, vinegar, mustard, spices mix). Dressed with a little more vinegar (mostly on the apples to prevent them from turning brown) and orange juice, apricot preserve, soy sauce dressing. And lots of pepper.

Lunch from Fernando’s Mundo Fiesta

With his moms mole’! and NutterButters!!

First time making Seitan.

One thing I think alot about is that being a veg person I eat ALOT of soy. Personally, I’m ok with it. But I do want to be conscience that there is some info saying that too much soy isn’t good for us. And that there are other protein sources. Seitan, of course, is not … Continue reading

Tom’s Pizza and Sports Bar – Don’t bother

I had a zaphour to the 181st location. No substitutions are allowed. Whatever, I guess I get that. This is the Philly minus just about all of it. I wanted to have something nicer to say but this place sucks. Super nice waitress though.

Sizzle Pie – Damn good (late night) pizza!

Sizzle Pie 624 E. Burnside St. Portland, Or 503-234-PIES Sun – Thurs –> 11am – 3am  -AND-  Fri & Sat –> 11am – 4am Yelp, The Mercury, UrbanSpoon, OregonLive, The New School, Facebook. Nothing unites quite like pizza. Don’t believe me? Grab a slice or two at Sizzle Pie and head next door for a … Continue reading

Pizza Roll Ups!

I love these things. I ate the whole batch in two days, which is probably bad but I don’t indulge like this often…     These are the crescent rolls and have sauted onions, mushrooms, kale, cheeze-y-stuff, tofurky sausage, pizza sauce, ect!!!   I loved it!